Advanced Text Search

The Polar Federated Search provides the ability to create your own queries through the search text interface.

Text interface

Multiple terms can be combined together with boolean operators to form a more complex and desirable search parameter as shown below:

Note all the boolean operators must be in ALL CAPS.

- 'ice~' -> search would return all similar terms spelling wise to ice like dice,icey and iced etc.

- 'green^4 ice'-> boosts the relevance of green in the search, search results containing green would be prioritized

- 'green ice' OR 'temperature' -> search results may contain 'green ice' or 'temperature'.

- 'green ice' AND 'temperature' -> search results must contain 'green ice' and 'temperature'.

- '+green ice' -> search results must contain 'green' and may contain 'green ice'.

- 'green ice' NOT 'planktons' -> search results must contain 'green ice' and not 'planktons'.

- ('green' OR 'ice') AND 'temperature' -> search results must contain temperature and either 'green' or 'ice' may exist.

Find out more by reading the documentation book or exploring the GitHub repository.

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